Zen Shiatsu

Do you suffer from chronic pain, tension headaches, digestive complaints, lowered immunity, poor posture, insomnia, recovering from injury or illness? Are you feeling emotionally unbalanced, overwhelmed with stress and change, fatigued, lack motivation, are anxious and depressed? Perhaps a Zen Shiatsu treatment can address some of these core issues (and much more) and help get you back on life's track. Or you can also receive Shiatsu as preventative measures to reinforce wellbeing.

Zen Shiatsu is a supportive and deeply effective Traditional Eastern form of body work. It uses focused intention, acupressure techniques, assisted stretches and movement, breath/mindfulness, heat/moxibustion, cupping therapy to help guide your Central Nervous System, organs, blood, ki(energy), nerves back into natural balance, alignment and smooth vital function.

By releasing tense stagnant, congested areas and building up weak empty undernourished ones the body/mind/spirit recirculates promoting repair , healing, vital health and balance throughout your whole being. Imagine a river system that can flow freely again. Nutrients can be assimilated and wastes eliminated and the inner ecosystem through the CNS can rebalance into natural wellness.

What does Shiatsu treatment involve?

Before a treatment the practitioner will take your medical history, general health and presenting complaints. The whole body will be treated during the session as well as addressing specific problem areas. A treatment can be for 25mins to 85mins depending on your needs.

Traditionally Shiatsu is received on a futon, recipient in loose comfortable clothing. However for office environments a portable massage chair or table can be used. In cases where client is confined to a bed or wheelchair then this can be accommodated for.


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