Corporate Massage

Our services can be as versatile as you need it to be and are an enjoyable and economical way to reward your staff whether it is part of team building or stress management strategies. We will create a Wellness Program tailored to your needs. Our philosophy is to strive towards a better way of living and being. Everyone is entitled to live a happy and healthy life free of pain. We hope our prices reflect that. We appreciate and thank all employers who are giving their staff the opportunity and time to maintain their health and wellbeing.
Corporate Massage 2 Hour Minimum From $55
Corporate Yoga Classes 10 Person Minimum $20 / person
Treatment Duration
To achieve best possible results we recommend treatment time of 15 minutes which can be extended up to an hour depending on your availability and needs. Each treatment is tailored for individual needs. Regular treatments are recommended to experience long lasting results. We also offer 5 to 10 minute chair massages when high numbers of persons are present at functions or corporate events. Please contact us for any enquiries you might have or for a detailed quote.

Discounts Available
We are happy to offer discounts for companies who participate in our corporate wellness programs or if you have a large group of people or that require multiple therapists. Please advise us before you make your booking.

We will be happy to discuss and help arrange a suitable space for your requirements. Please contact us to determine your needs.

Onsite Parking
Due to the nature of our business and the need of equipment we kindly ask for onsite parking. In case of no available onsite parking we will have to add parking fees onto our service fee.

Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel within 72 hours, then 50% of the fee will be charged. We will waive the fee if the appointment can be rescheduled within the next 5 business days, if notified 48 hours prior. Please note that no changes are allowed within 24 hours of any confirmed event, cancellations or inability to host the event within 24 hours will be charged at full. Our cancellation policy enables other workplaces which are awaiting appointment times to receive treatment and is for client and therapist consideration.


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