Yoga is a science that has been around for centuries. There are many different types and techniques in yoga and it is always evolving due to the changing needs and demands of society. You do not need to be extremely flexible to do yoga as it is accessible to all. 

Yoga has gained popularity partly due to the effective way in which it helps relieve the accumulated effects of stress, sedentary lifestyle or work environment and the persistent/chronic ailments that may come with it. Taking care of ourselves becomes a necessity not a luxury and movement is a very important key to health and wellbeing.

Our focus at Bodi Balance is to offer practical and enjoyable yoga sessions that can be easily integrated into your daily life and work routine. Doing Yoga regularly can help relieve reoccurring muscular tension, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, lowered immunity etc...

It can strengthen calm, tone, nourish and energize the body/mind/spirit. Harmonizing the movement with the breath has a stabilizing and calming effect on the mind and helps increase concentration, motivation levels and ability to cope well under pressure.

Yoga can be gentle and dynamic. Everyone can do yoga, as we are always working within our own capabilities. We are always mindful of our own body and learn to move in a firm, stable calm manner that keeps it a safe practice. Classes may also include some self shiatsu; (Do In) breathing and visualization techniques that help manage stress and fatigue.

The techniques you learn in yoga will benefit your whole being and help transform every aspect of your life if you allow it. We practice yoga to help bring balance, self healing and self awareness into our lives and support the body's innate intelligence and natural healing capacity. By being active participants in your own health you can initiate the changes you seek.


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