Bodi Balance has temporarily closed due to COVID-19 lockdowns: Click to find out more

Important message from Bodi Balance

As you all know our lives have changed dramatically over the last few weeks and all of us feel uneasy about COVID-19 and everything that comes with it. It has affected all our lives as well as our business.  PM Morrison’s speech on Tuesday left us with more questions than answers about our futures.

After a lengthy discussion we decided with a heavy heart to inform you all that we will temporarily close our clinic from Thursday March 26 onwards until at least 15 April.

It will of course depend on how the pandemic progresses over the next few weeks and how the governments will react to those changes. Even though we introduced advanced screening protocols on top of our strict hygiene and safety standards, Tuesday night’s decision by the federal government has led us to choose to cease operation to help flatten the infection curve.

Sadly, we know that this will leave some of you without the treatment you need, but we hope that you understand we always strive to do our best for you and our community. Of course we will post any updates we receive from the health authorities and governments so please keep checking our Facebook page regularly!

Thank you so much for always supporting our business, now is the time to look after yourself and other people who need your help. We will do everything we can to stay healthy and safe and we look forward to seeing you all again as soon as the pandemic has passed.

Please follow the guidelines to stay safe and healthy during this difficult time. Perhaps this is a perfect time to self-reflect and implement positive changes for your new future, reach out to one another.

In health and wellness to you and your family always.

Love Tim and Jeng


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